Fiber Optic Modems

Flexible solutions for Telecom and Industry.

MiniFlex Fiber Interface Extenders

MiniFlex Fiber

The MiniFlex Fiber Interface extenders designed for high reliable data transmission over fiber. They support single and dual SFP modules and transfer Ethernet or Serial (RS-232/RS-485) data. MiniFlex Fiber can be used in point-to-point, star and ring networks.

Small size, hardended enclosure and wide input power range making MiniFlex Fiber Interface Extenders a perfect choice for mission-critical applications like Railway infrastructure, Smart Grid, Networks alongside Oil and Gas Pipelines as well as for Offshore communications.

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FlexGain FOM4 TDM and Ethernet Convergence Optical Multiplexer

FlexGain FOM4

The FlexGain FOM4 is a small but powerful TDM and Ethernet convergence multiplexer for Fiber lines. It was designed as a card for all available FlexDSL racks like FG-R-W, UTT1 and UTT4 and can coexist with other FlexDSL devices like Orion3.

FlexGain FOM4 supports 4 or 8 E1 channels and Ethernet. Various SFP modules can be plugged-in for the purpose of reaching a various distance.

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FlexGain FOM16 TDM & Ethernet Gigabit Optical Multiplexer

FlexGain FOM16

The FlexGain FOM16,V3 Gigabit Optical Multiplexer is the flagship of FlexDSL’s FOM product family with capacities of up to 16 E1s, providing 1+1 protection, LCD configuration, built-in SNMP management, performance monitoring and history. For more flexibility it is using state of art SFP transceiver technology that allows user, from one side to select transceiver according to the line budget, and from the other side to save spare parts cost. Up to 8 Ethernet interfaces can be transmitted through fiber lines.

FlexGain FOM16 available in in a space saving MiniRack version.

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