Compact Multiplexers and Cross-connect

TDM-based system for voice and data multiplexing

FlexGain 4XE Compact Cross-connect

FlexGain 4XE

The FlexGain 4XE cross connector designed for switching 64 Kbit/s time slots of four E1 G.703 streams (2048 kbit/s) in telecommunication networks. FlexGain 4XE works either in PCM30 mode with the processing of TS No 16 or in the PCM31 mode with the normal switching of this time-slot. This allows device usage both in networks with channel associated signaling (CAS) and in-slot signaling systems.

FlexGain 4XE is interoperable with Multiplexer FlexGain Plex and with Orion modems. It uses similar mechanics and management.

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FlexGain Plex Compact Multiplexer

FlexGain Plex

The FlexGain Plex compact multiplexer designed for transmission of voice channels over E1 stream. It supports FXO or FXS lines as well as voice-band leased lines with E&M signaling. FXO and FXS interfaces exchange their statuses such as On/Off-hook, Ring, Busy, etc. through sugnalling time-slot 16. CAS signaling bits are used for it.

FlexGain Plex supports 4 or 8 voice channels. Leased-line voice channels can be used for interconnection of voice band analogue modems.

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